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Why I L O V E eBooks

Why I L O V E eBooks

“I love to read.  I can’t afford to support my reading habit with paper books.  I am averaging a book of 300 pages ever 1 – 3 days.  I just get caught up in the world that exists between the first and last page of the books I read.  It is hard to keep up with all of the electronic books I read.

My favorite things about eBooks are that they are tiny and take up little space, they are anonymously readable, they are easily downloaded for free, and there are so many places to find them on the net.  A favorite place for me to find books is 10,000 eBooks.  I am able to download the whole series of books by an author and read from the first to the last one in the series.  What a terrific thing!  I get to follow the whole series in order without interruptions!  I hate it when I read them out of order!!!!!  UGH!!!!”

I have a funny story.  I was on Amazon in the Kindle store looking for a book in the current series I was reading at that time.  I found my book, purchased it and looked and looked and looked for the file to download my book.  I received the book via UPS a few days later.  I was SO VERY UPSET!!!!  I have since downloaded the book from 10,000 books.

I started with a Kobo three years ago.  It was my Christmas present to myself.  I was so excited!  I have books I purchased from Kobo.  Then I found Amazon and downloaded Kindle books for my lap top.  I found, christian books, science fiction, classics, and many others.  I graduated to an e machine-like electronic reader that allowed me to store more books. I still had to download to my lap top and then transfer them.  I was frustrated!

Then, I found my new best friend.  I found an Acer A500 on  I ordered it and anxiously waited for it to arrive.  It arrived and I immediately put it to use.  I downloaded my apps for Kobo, Kindle, Calibrate-E-book, and 10,000 eBooks from the Google Play store.  Now, I can read my books, download new ones, {and read my email} from one device!  I am enjoying my freedom from paper books and I am able to read any where any time!


Don’t get me wrong, I still love paper books.  I will read them and will collect ones that are important to me.  I have over 15,000 books now {electronic} and can take them every where I go.  My hoise would not be liveable if they were all paper books!

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